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We…and the environment


Artemisia follows a rigorous plan of respect of the environment in order to protect the nature and the local identity. First of all the resort takes advantage in the respecting of the environment because it is located in an ancient farmhouse of the late ‘800, therefore the building has thick walls that permit a perfect and natural insulation from outside allowing a reduction in the time of switching on of the air-conditioning.

The orientation towards the south and the thermal insulation glasses provide an high level of isolation allowing a lesser leakage of heat towards the outside. The care about the environment is also in the interior design because every piece of furniture is made of natural materials.

During your stay at Artemisia we will involve in our projects about the environmental protection: first in your room you will find an handbook of tips to follow in order to reduce the waste of water, detergents and electricity. Below there are our initiatives that we will be gradually updated.

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